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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

My name is Alta, and I'm a Florida-raised millennial currently living in Colorado. Alta's Oyster is a place to share my travel and local experiences in hopes of inspiring others. I want to be a resource both for active travelers and travelers-in-waiting who don't have the means or opportunity to travel now but dream of doing so in the future. The latter was me once. Honestly, the latter is still me. Although I've turned traveling into a hobby over the last six, almost seven years, I'm still building my destination list! I love reading about or watching others' experiences and taking mental and literal notes for when I visit that destination in the future!

I was born in Haiti, and the first trip I remember from my childhood is a vacation to New York with my father when I was six. Two memorable experiences from that trip are riding the subway for the first time and eating my first hamburger (from Burger King!). I moved to the U.S. when I was nine, and I think growing up immigrant (which apparently was a tv show. Anybody seen it?) is one of the components that influences my desire to explore the world.

Many first-generation immigrant children know this experience: you grow up speaking multiple languages (three for me), dual cultured (if not more), entrenched in the politics and social fabric of your birth country thanks to the elders, and being held to the norms of the place you didn't grow up in while you naturally immerse in the one that cradles your daily routine. Heck, my first real job had a global bent. No, not the first job that paid me. My first job: translating documents and conversations for my mom and any Haitian adult around.

Of course I developed an interest in the world and its treasures.

After moving to the U.S., I first ventured outside of Florida for a semester in France when I was in college in 2010. After, I went scrimped and saved in 2015 to take myself to Germany. And I wrote about it for XO Necole. I started getting into my leisure travel bag in 2016 when I visited Nassau, Bahamas with my sister, and I've developed it into yearly journeys since.

If you're interested in simple travel, this page is for you. If typing "Black people in [insert location]" is part of your destination planning, this page is definitely for you. If you like building itineraries (or want to put as little thought toward them as possible) and want to follow the adventures of an early 30s Black woman, this page is for you.

I hope you stick around. Below is a snippet from my 2016 Bahamas trip.


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